3-days IT Nature Party event for top people of the Affiliate Marketing!

ITNP was held before in Kyiv, Moscow and now expanding it’s geo to the Thailand with Lounge AfterParty of the AWA Conference.

Event concept

ITNP Thailand is gathering top people of affiliate business industry.

3-days unforgettable lounge event activities and networking on the AWA Lounge AfterParty.

New friends and business contacts.



ITNP Program

Room categories in a hotel

Choose your type of room and pricing policy, the price for accommodation in a hotel for 3 nights depends on the chosen type of the room and varies from $600 to $1500.

Find details in the following document.

There is a very limited amount of rooms, hurry up!

Ticket’s prices scheme

  • Until 15 September inclusively there is a special early bird price for ITNP Thailand ticket - $1200
  • From 16 to 30 September the price is $1400
  • From 1 to 31 October the price is $1500
  • From 1 to 25 November the price is $1600
  • From 25 november till the beginning of the party the price is $1800

Refund policy

Refund is possible at least 14 days before the start of the event.

Our refund policy:

Before 15 October 2019 - refund 100% is possible;
16 October - 1 November 2019 - refund 75% is possible;
1 November - 24 November 2019 - refund 50% is possible;
After 24 November 2019 refund is not possible.


Video of our event CPA Club Thailand 2018 at the same location (Hotel Ayara Kamala Resort & Spa) where will be ITNP Thailand 2019.

IT Nature Party 2019 in Moscow, Russia

IT Nature Party 2018 in Kyiv, Ukraine

Photo CPA Club 2018 in Thailand

Sponsors ITNP Thailand 2019

On ITNP's sponsorship and other business proposals, contact via skype anatoliy.winter or telegram @wintyara

Well, what can I say? ITNP is one of the most interesting events, which each time is retained in the memory like something special. Warm season and the event’s location are combined very harmoniously. Pleasant and unforgettable emotions, which every year you look forward to).
Slava D0ZZeR, CPA.club
"Work Hard - Play Hard" has never suited any other event than ITNP. Networking and live communication with IT community leaders amidst broad mirth and recreation. Everyone will find an entertainment to his taste, and if the fun pours over the edge and you want to cool down - the relaxation zone will help to recharge energy. A lot of locations, a lot of activities, and most importantly - a lot of great people gathered together sharing common ideas. Thanks ITNP!
Max Gor, Aivix
ITNP is a smart event on CPA market!
Ideally balanced event in terms of business, team building and recreation. For those who tired of boring conferences and useless get-togethers,ITNP is an ideal choice.
Sergey, Capitalist.net
In my opinion, ITNP is definitely one of the most friendly and bright parties among the IT community. Event’s format, location and home felt company create a unique atmosphere, which it is worth to fly to from year to year, despite the distance.
Evgeniy Kayumov, KT.capital
Impressions from ITNP – it is a three-day immersion in adults Disneyland. You are thrilled to pieces; voluntarily refuse to sleep for three days, just not to miss all the interesting activities. Split between the locations near the pool, in the woods, at the sea – because you need time to drive on quadrics and jet skis, dance near the pool or sing songs near the fire at dawn. Thank you for the event, thank you for three days. No more (save God), no less is not needed). Feeling of broad mirth and enduring ease of being.
Mila Voznaya, Pokerdom