In 2019 ITNP for the first time in Moscow!

IT Nature Party is an annual three-day event for top affiliates, CPA & ad networks, useful services, fathers of colorful SEO and other Internet marketing leaders!

What is ITNP?

We bring guests to a beautiful spot for three days and create a favorable environment for establishing useful business contacts and concluding agreements in a natural way. During three days everyone will have time to communicate with each other in comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. As practice shows, this is an ideal format for business communication giving excellent results.

The formal part of the ITNP is limited to a short introductory speech from sponsors and interesting “tasty” attraction points that they will create for the guests of the event on base.

This year, for the first time, one of the ITNP highlights is the presentation of the speaker who will share with you how to drive maximum benefit for business from such entertainment events :) A lot of people don’t realize that it is not a mere vacation, but also useful business contacts and communication - we will dispel this myth!

Sponsors ITNP 2019


The program is very intensive. In addition to beautiful nature, delicious food, hookahs and a variety of alcohol, you will enjoy a real sailing regatta, nice water transfers, a separate day of rest on a stunning wooded beach and a luxurious barge with pools, the traditional beauty contest “Miss IT”, an unforgettable show program and many others exciting activities, such as water recreation, quad bikes and much more.

The places are limited by the base accommodation capacity, so no more than 250 lucky ones can visit ITNP 2019 in Moscow!

Current price for the ticket: «1300»

An ITNP ticket is «all-inclusive». Its price includes transfer from Moscow and back, accommodation, food and alcohol, hookahs and entertainment during the whole event.

Prices for ITNP 2019:

  • Ticket price before 20 May 2019:
    • Accommodation in single room - $900
    • Accommodation in double room - $800
    • Without accommodation - $700
  • From 21 May to 10 June:
    • Accommodation in single room - $1000
    • Accommodation in double room - $900
    • Without accommodation - $800
  • From 11 June to 5 July:
    • Accommodation in single room - $1100
    • Accommodation in double room - $1000
    • Without accommodation - $900
  • From 6 July to 20 July:
    • Accommodation in single room - $1200
    • Accommodation in double room - $1100
    • Without accommodation - $1000
  • After 20 July:
    • Accommodation in single room - $1300
    • Accommodation in double room - $1200
    • Without accommodation - $800

ITNP is a semi-private event with pre-moderation. The organizers reserve the right to refuse to sell a ticket to any person or company who, in their opinion, does not belong to the target group of the event. If your application is approved, we will contact you and inform of payment details.

Friends, please also pay attention to the ITNP ticket return policy if you have no possibility to attend the event.

One month before the event (June 28 inclusive) you still can get a full refund of the paid ticket price.

From 28 to 5 July - refund 70%.
From 5 to 10 July - refund 50%.
From 10 to 20 July - возврат 30%.
From 20 July refund - 0%.

We kindly ask for your understanding, since requests for returns at the last moment entail serious difficulties and losses for the organizers.

We will be happy to see you with us!

On ITNP's sponsorship and other business proposals, send emails to itnp@mobytize.com, or contact via skype anatoliy.winter or telegram @wintyara

Well, what can I say? ITNP is one of the most interesting events, which each time is retained in the memory like something special. Warm season and the event’s location are combined very harmoniously. Pleasant and unforgettable emotions, which every year you look forward to).
Slava D0ZZeR, CPA.club
"Work Hard - Play Hard" has never suited any other event than ITNP. Networking and live communication with IT community leaders amidst broad mirth and recreation. Everyone will find an entertainment to his taste, and if the fun pours over the edge and you want to cool down - the relaxation zone will help to recharge energy. A lot of locations, a lot of activities, and most importantly - a lot of great people gathered together sharing common ideas. Thanks ITNP!
Max Gor, Aivix
ITNP is a smart event on CPA market!
Ideally balanced event in terms of business, team building and recreation. For those who tired of boring conferences and useless get-togethers,ITNP is an ideal choice.
Sergey, Capitalist.net
In my opinion, ITNP is definitely one of the most friendly and bright parties among the IT community. Event’s format, location and home felt company create a unique atmosphere, which it is worth to fly to from year to year, despite the distance.
Evgeniy Kayumov, KT.capital
Impressions from ITNP – it is a three-day immersion in adults Disneyland. You are thrilled to pieces; voluntarily refuse to sleep for three days, just not to miss all the interesting activities. Split between the locations near the pool, in the woods, at the sea – because you need time to drive on quadrics and jet skis, dance near the pool or sing songs near the fire at dawn. Thank you for the event, thank you for three days. No more (save God), no less is not needed). Feeling of broad mirth and enduring ease of being.
Mila Voznaya, Pokerdom